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Experiment 2

I’m after that Japanese shokupan.

I adore my beloved Japanese grocery’s fluffy loaves of bread, but why buy a ホームベーカリー if you’re not after having an unlimited supply of 食パン?!

Two days later, this one is still very very acceptable and might be the closest I’ve gotten so far – and no yudane in this one! More interestingly, I used my laser thermometer to take some temperature measurements!

First, the recipe:

recipe: basic white bread, with errors!source: zoujirushi BB-HAC-10 manual
H2O182 g
bread flour240 g
AP flour0 g!
sugar1.5 tbs
dry milk2.5 tbs
salt1 tsp
butter1.5 tbs
yeast1 tsp
mode: soft coursehydration: 75.8%

Here’s a summary of the method:

Duration (min)DescriptionApprox Temp
14:00The add beep sounds!83.7 F
18:57Kneading nearly finished84 F
48:52Bulk ferment81 F
19:00Quickly shaped dough into two balls, could tell it was starting to heat82.7 F
20:00Second rising complete, stirdown, and quickly shaped the dough for shokupan87.7 – 91 F
25:00Third rising over and baking begins.98.6 F
15:00baking110 F
15:00baking193 F
15:00bread finished!264 F

As this post shows, there can be a big difference in the thickness of the the crust and fluffiness of the crumb when it’s shaped. Shaping organized the crumb of this bread in a way that created the fluffy layers I’ve come to expect from shokupan and I didn’t even do a thorough job of shaping because I wanted to preserve the air bubbles. It absolutely improved the crust which was much nicer and thinner.

I will be making this again immediately.

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